Winding Up

Stop a Winding Up Petition

How to stop a Winding Up Petition. Negotiating with the creditor. Attending the Court Hearing. Using a debt solution to protect your company.

Winding Up Directors and Employees

Once a Winding Up Order is issued the Court will appoint a Liquidator. The Liquidator will then start to close the company immediately. The directors may be liable for some company debt. Employees will be dismissed. After Winding Up will Directors be liable for company debt? What happens to Director’s Loan Accounts? The affect of Winding Up […]

Affects of Winding Up Petition

How a Winding Up Petition affects a company. The affect on the company Bank Account. Can the company continue to trade? Will it be forced to close?

How to Wind Up a Company

The steps required to Wind Up a company. How likely is it that the Court will grant a Winding Up Petition? When does the company closure process start?

What is Winding Up

When is Winding Up used? The cost of winding up. What happens to company debt after winding up? Are HMRC likely to wind up a company?

Winding Up

What does Winding Up a company mean? The implications of Winding Up. The affect on company Directors and employees. How to stop a Winding Up Petition.

Who can issue a Winding Up Petition?

The criteria to apply for a Winding Up petition. Using a Winding Up petition for debt collection. Which creditors commonly use the winding up process?

Winding Up Petition used for Debt Collection

Can the threat of Winding Up be used to collect debt? Are creditors likely to apply for a Winding Up Petition? Will debt be paid after Winding Up?

What does a Winding Up Petition mean?

What is Winding Up? The implications if a company gets a Winding Up Petition. Which creditors are likely to issue a Winding Up Petition?