Strike Off

Strike Off

Find out if it is possible to strike off your company from the Companies House register. How to strike off a company. What the process costs.

Cost of Strike Off

The costs involved with company Strike Off. How much is the application fee?

How to Strike Off a Company

The steps needed to close a company using Strike Off. Who needs to be notified? Could the application be turned down?

When to use Strike Off

When is Strike Off suitable for closing a company? What if the company is still trading? What if there are company assets or creditors outstanding?

What is Strike Off

How does Strike Off (the process of dissolving a Company) work? What criteria are required to dissolve a company?

Apply for Strike Off

Want to Strike off (dissolve) your Limited Company? We can help. Find out about our Strike Off service.

When should you Dissolve your company?

What is company dissolution? What criteria must be met to before a company can be dissolved? Can you dissolve an insolvent company?