Pre Pack

Pre Pack

What is a Pre Pack and when can it be used? How to start a Pre Pack. The costs involved. The affect on Directors and Employees.

Cost of a Pre Pack

The costs involved with a Pre Pack. Set up costs. Valuation and purchase of old company assets. Liquidation of the old business.

SIP 16

Statement of Insolvency Practice 16 (SIP 16) explained. How does SIP 16 address the criticisms of Pre Pack Liquidation. What is the Pre Pack Pool?

Directors Loan Account after Pre Pack

Implications of a Directors Loan Account after a pre pack. Options for repaying. Is a CVA a better option if there is a Loan Account?

Pre Pack and HMRC Debt

Can HMRC stop a Pre Pack from being implemented? Will a VAT Security Deposit be required. What does it cost and can it be avoided?

Cost of CVA v Pre Pack

How do the costs of a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) compare to Pre Pack? Up front costs verses ongoing monthly payments.

Pre Pack Questions Answered

What happens to company debt in a Pre Pack? Are the Directors liable? How can it be funded? Does the new company need VAT Registration?

Property Lease and Pre Pack

Can an existing Property Lease be renegotiated during a Pre Pack? Could the new company relocate? What if the old company owns the premises?

Vehicle Finance and Pre Pack

How is vehicle finance affected by a Pre Pack? Can the new company take it over? Purchase of the vehicles. Affect on Directors guarantees.

Is a Pre Pack a good Idea

What are the perceived problems with a Pre Pack? What are the benefits? Do Directors avoid investigation?