Is Liquidation right for your Company? How to Liquidate your business. How are Directors and Employees affected. What are the costs?

Cost of Members Voluntary Liquidation

If you want to close a solvent company the cost will depend on its size. If the business is small then the work required will be limited which is reflected in the cost. If it is more complex perhaps with a number of employees the costs will rise. What costs are involved with closing a […]

Members Voluntary Liquidation Directors & Employees

Once a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) starts the Directors hand over control to the Liquidator. They also have to repay any debt they owe to the company. Any employees will be made redundant. Can Directors work for other companies during an MVL? Are Directors responsible for company debts? What happens to employees when a Liquidator […]

How to start Members Voluntary Liquidation

There are various steps involved in a Members Voluntary Liquidation. First a Liquidator must be appointed. The Liquidator has to ensure all outstanding creditors are fully paid and any other liabilities settled. Any remaining assets can then be distributed to shareholders. Find out the steps needed to close a solvent company What does the Liquidator […]

When to use Members Voluntary Liquidation

If the Directors and Shareholders want to close a solvent company they will need to consider a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL). This process can be used if the business is still trading and has assets. When can Members Voluntary Liquidation be used? Can a MVL be used if the company is trading? Is MVL suitable […]

What is Members Voluntary Liquidation

Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) is the process used to close a solvent company. The company cannot be simply Struck Off. This is because it may still be trading. In addition it has assets which must be used to repay any debt that it owes. Find out how Members Voluntary Liquidation Works What happens to company […]

Members Voluntary Liquidation

Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) is the process of closing a solvent company in an orderly fashion. The process is voluntary because the directors and shareholders make the decision to close the business. The company is not forced to close by one of its creditors due to insolvency. Is a Members Voluntary Liquidation right for your […]

Cost of Liquidation

The costs involved with Liquidating a company. Statement of Affairs and Creditor Meeting fees. The Liquidator’s charges. Can liquidation costs be avoided?

Liquidation and Employees

The affect of Company Liquidation on Employees. Are jobs always lost? Can employees expect redundancy payments? Liquidation and employees rights.