CVA and Directors

How a CVA will affect the Company Directors. Can they still run the company? Are Directors Loan Accounts and Personal Guarantees payable?

How to start a CVA

The steps required to start a CVA. Decide if it is the right solution. Appoint an IP. Agreeing the Arrangement with creditors.

When to use a CVA

Is a CVA suitable for your company? Is the business viable? What happens to Director Guarantees? Can it stop a Winding Up Petition?

What is a CVA

How a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) works. What happens to the company debt? The affect on company credit rating. Are customers told?

Apply for a CVA

If you would like to apply for a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) fill in the form below and one of our company debt advisors will contact you asap.