Company Directors


When would a Director consider Bankruptcy? The disadvantages of Bankruptcy for Directors. Is bankruptcy ever a suitable solution for a Company Director?

How is a Director Disqualified

A Liquidator cannot disqualify company directors. They submit a report on director conduct. The Insolvency Service then decides if further investigation is necessary. Then an application for disqualification may be made to the Court. What is the Liquidator’s report? What does the Insolvency Service do? Who decides if directors should be disqualified? Concerned about Director […]

Director Disqualification

After a company is liquidated the conduct of its directors is reviewed. Improper conduct could lead to director disqualification. This bars the individual from directorships in any company for up to 15 years. What conduct might lead to Director Disqualification? The affect of Director Disqualification Are you liable for company debt if disqualified? Concerned about […]

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

When would a Director consider using an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)? The advantages and disadvantages of an IVA for company directors.

Directors Loan Account after Pre Pack

Implications of a Directors Loan Account after a pre pack. Options for repaying. Is a CVA a better option if there is a Loan Account?

Can I go Bankrupt and run a Company?

The circumstances where Bankruptcy is an option for a Company Director. Can a Sole Trader go bankrupt? The affects of Bankruptcy on employees.

Self Employed Business Debt

Who is liable for Self Employed business debt? Options for managing a self employed debt problem. Debt solutions and your business bank account.

How to Avoid Wrongful Trading

What is Wrongful Trading. Who decides if a Director is guilty of improper conduct. How to reduce the risk of Wrongful Trading.