Company CCJ

Options if Company CCJ cannot be paid

If your company receives a County Court Judgment (CCJ) there are a number of options open to you. If it is affordable the debt should be paid. If not then even at this stage it is not too late to negotiate a payment plan. If this is not possible a company debt solution should be […]

Can Interest be added to a Company CCJ

If a County Court Judgment (CCJ) has been issued against your company interest can usually be added. This acts as an incentive to make sure the debt is paid as quickly as possible. Generally speaking the Court will allow Statutory Interest at the rate of 8%. Is Statutory Interest always added to a CCJ? Will […]

Prevent a Company CCJ

The best way to prevent a company CCJ is to ensure all debts are paid on time. However if your business is struggling it is not always possible. Where this is the case agreeing payment instalments with creditors may be an option. Alternatively implementing a company rescue solution could be the answer. Agree time to […]

Affects of a Company CCJ

There will be various affects if a County Court Judgment (CCJ) is issued against a company. Whether the debt is then paid or not the company credit rating will be negatively affected. If the debt is not paid further enforcement action can be taken. Are Directors liable for a company Judgments? Affect of a Judgment on […]

How to respond to a Company CCJ claim

If a creditor wishes to issue a County Court Judgment (CCJ) against a company an application must be made at the Court. If the Court believes the claim is valid a notice of the application is sent to the company. This should not be ignored. How to recognise a CCJ Claim notice How to respond […]

What is a County Court Judgment (CCJ)

If a company owes money which it is unwilling or unable to pay the creditor can apply for a County Court Judgment (CCJ). If the Court agrees with the creditor’s claim they will issue the Judgment. The company is then required to pay the debt. What does getting a CCJ mean? Does a CCJ mean […]

County Court Judgment (CCJ)

A County Court Judgment (CCJ) is one way that a creditor can enforce the payment of a company debt. Once a CCJ is issued there is increased pressure for the debt to be paid. If payment is not forthcoming the creditor can then apply to use bailiffs or to Wind up the company. What are […]

CCJ issued against my Company

What is a Company CCJ? What are the affects of the Judgment on a company? How to deal with a CCJ once it is issued.

Can a company trade with a CCJ?

What is a company CCJ? Can a company trade after a CCJ is issued against it? What if a company trades when insolvent?