Cash Flow

Invoice Factoring

How does Invoice Factoring work? The difference between Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting. The cost of factoring and should your company use it.

Sell Company Debt

Can you sell your company debt? Types of debt that can be sold. Advantages over traditional debt collection. Are there any costs involved?

Cash Flow

How to raise company cash if a bank loan is not available or suitable. Invoice factoring and discounting. Asset refinancing. Trade financing.

Debt Collection

Key debt collection techniques. Letter before action, Issue a CCJ, Winding up petition. Sell debt rather than struggling to collect yourself.

Asset Refinancing

What is Asset Refinancing? The availability of this source of cash for your company. How much can be borrowed? Use of Asset Refinancing to fund a Pre Pack.

Pre Pack Funding Options

How company assets are valued in a Pre Pack. Paying for assets using staged payments. Pre Pack financing options.

Improve Company Cash Flow

Options for increasing cash flow. Cash collection techniques. Invoice factoring for immediate payment. Asset refinance. Debt management

Enterprise Finance Guarantee

What is the Enterprise Finance Guarantee. Does the scheme work? Alternative options for raising company finance.