Senior Company Debt Expert: James Falla

James Falla

James Falla has over 20 years experience of solving company and personal debt problems. He is an FCA Approved Person.

He has helped many company directors and sole traders get their lives back on track using solutions such as liquidation, pre pack and invoice finance.

James is the managing director of Wilmott Turner Financial Services which owns and operates Company Debt Advice. He writes many of the articles found on this site.

Want to speak to James for advice about your company debt or cash flow? Give us a call on 0800 077 6180 or complete the form below

Personal Message from James

“I have been helping directors solve company debt problems for a long time and I know that for most making the first step can be difficult.

Knowing that you have someone on your side who can help, advise and just be there when you need to ask a question makes all the difference. This is the service we are proud to provide at Company Debt Advice”

James Falla Experience

James started working with Company Directors struggling with cash flow problems in 1999 when he joined personal debt solutions provider Brookvale Group. In 2004 he co founded Thomas Charles a debt management company specialising in bankruptcy and IVAs.

While at Thomas Charles, James was often called upon to offer his experience of resolving debt problems on television and radio programmes such as the BBC 1 o’clock news, Sky News and BBC Radio’s Wake Up to Money.

In November 2010 James joined Wilmott Turner Financial Services as managing director. He provides senior debt advice for the company.

James is also the author of the well received book about personal debt solutions: IVA, Bankruptcy and Other Debt Solutions.

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