What is a Zombie Company?

How can you recognise a Zombie Company? What risks will these companies face as the economy improves? Options for rescuing a Zombie Company.

Quantitative Easing

What is Quantitative Easing? How this policy helps an economy grow. Will Quantitative Easing work?

Number of Companies going bust falls in 2012

Fewer companies going bust in 2012 than expected. Are low interest rates a factor? The affect of HMRC and bank support. When will company failures rise?

How does a Company Voluntary Arrangement work?

What is a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA). What does the Arrangement cost to implement and run? How to ensure the success of a CVA.

Directors Credit Rating and Company CCJ

What is a company CCJ? How is the directors credit rating affected after a company CCJ is issued? Will a CCJ affect a self employed person?

Tips to ensure Pre Pack Liquidation success

Ensure the success of Pre Pack Liquidation. Can a VAT Security Deposit be avoided? Change business strategy. How to arrange Pre Pack funding.

How does Pre Pack Liquidation work?

A Pre Pack company trades debt free. Business assets kept together. The cost of Pre Pack Liquidation. The affect on employees.

Is Directors Home at risk if Company Wound Up?

Could a Directors Home be sold to pay debt if a company is Wound Up? Are there any circumstances in which a Directors Home is at risk?

Number of Companies Wound Up Falls in Q2 2012

Forced company closures are falling despite the recession. What are the possible reasons for this?

Company Tax Arrears

How will HMRC react to company Tax Arrears? How to use the Time To Pay scheme to manage tax arrears. Company debt solutions which include HMRC debt.