Directors Loan Account after Pre Pack

Directors Loan Account after Pre Pack

After a pre pack and subsequent company liquidation directors will be personally liable for any outstanding Directors Loan Account.

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What happens to a Directors Loan Account after a Pre Pack?

A Pre Pack involves the sale of a failing company’s assets to a new business. Very often the old company is then liquidated. As far as the directors are concerned most of the old debts are written off.

However the liquidator is still obliged to collect in any money owed to the old company. This includes any Directors Loan Account balances.

Commonly this account builds up if a director has withdrawn dividends when the company had no profit to pay them. The directors are personally liable for the repayment of these debts to the liquidator.

A liquidator has the right to take legal action against directors to recover outstanding directors loan accounts if necessary.

Options for Repaying a Directors Loan Account

The existence of a Directors Loan Account does not mean that the option of a Pre Pack should be dismissed. However as a director you will need to anticipate your liability for this debt. You will need to plan a repayment strategy.

One option is to simply agree staged payments with the Liquidator. Most liquidators will be open to receiving monthly or quarterly payments towards the debt.

Alternatively it is common to agree a lump sum settlement. The liquidator will often be prepared to accept less than the amount owed if a cash lump sum can be made available.

If you will struggle to repay a directors loan account you could use a personal debt solution to manage your liability for this debt.

Is a CVA a better solution if there is a Director’s Loan Account?

There may be simply no way for you to repay your outstanding directors loan Account. Perhaps you have absolutely no funds to negotiate a settlement and an IVA or bankruptcy is not an option.

In these circumstances you may have to disregard the Pre Pack and then liquidation option altogether. An alternative company rescue solution to consider in these circumstances is a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement).

The advantage of a CVA is that the original company is not closed. It continues to trade normally. Repayment of the directors loan account can then be managed over time.

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