Improve Company Cash Flow

Options for increasing cash flow. Cash collection techniques. Invoice factoring for immediate payment. Asset refinance. Debt management

Directors Loan Account after Pre Pack

Implications of a Directors Loan Account after a pre pack. Options for repaying. Is a CVA a better option if there is a Loan Account?

Are Directors personally liable for Company Debt

Personal Guarantees, Outstanding director’s loan account, Personal liability for HMRC Debt? Debt solutions for directors

Which Debts can be included in a CVA?

Can all company debts be included in a CVA? Can HMRC and Lease agreements be included? Will the bank agree to the Arrangement?

Options for Directors in debt after Liquidation

Which debts can Directors be liable for after Liquidation? Which is the best debt solution for a Director to use?

Pre Pack and HMRC Debt

Can HMRC stop a Pre Pack from being implemented? Will a VAT Security Deposit be required. What does it cost and can it be avoided?

Can I go Bankrupt and run a Company?

The circumstances where Bankruptcy is an option for a Company Director. Can a Sole Trader go bankrupt? The affects of Bankruptcy on employees.

Will a Company Voluntary Arrangement Fail?

The reasons why a Company Voluntary Arrangement might fail. How to ensure a successful CVA. When is the Arrangement not the right solution?

Cost of CVA v Pre Pack

How do the costs of a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) compare to Pre Pack? Up front costs verses ongoing monthly payments.

Seizure of goods by Landlord in lieu of Rent Arrears

Can company assets be seized in lieu of rent arrears? How to stop a landlord seizing assets. What if the goods are not owned by the company?