Yearly Archives: 2014

Self Employed Business Debt

Who is liable for Self Employed business debt? Options for managing a self employed debt problem. Debt solutions and your business bank account.

Options if your Customer goes Bust

The action that should be taken if a company is unable to recover a major debt. Informal and formal company rescue options to consider.

Alternatives to HMRC Time to Pay

What is HMRCs Time to Pay Scheme? The problems with Time to Pay. What are sensible alternatives to the scheme?

Affect of a CVA on Company Creditors

How are creditors affected by a CVA? Is it possible to prevent a company starting a CVA? Are there any benefits of a CVA for creditors?

Pre Pack Questions Answered

What happens to company debt in a Pre Pack? Are the Directors liable? How can it be funded? Does the new company need VAT Registration?

Property Lease and Pre Pack

Can an existing Property Lease be renegotiated during a Pre Pack? Could the new company relocate? What if the old company owns the premises?

Vehicle Finance and Pre Pack

How is vehicle finance affected by a Pre Pack? Can the new company take it over? Purchase of the vehicles. Affect on Directors guarantees.

Cannot Pay Company Voluntary Arrangement

What happens if a Company Voluntary Arrangement is not paid? Options if a Company cannot pay its CVA. Is a CVA the best company debt solution