Yearly Archives: 2013

Is a Pre Pack a good Idea

What are the perceived problems with a Pre Pack? What are the benefits? Do Directors avoid investigation?

Is Company Administration a good idea?

Is Administration a sensible rescue option for a small to medium sized company? How are sales and supply contracts affected? What happens to Directors?

What does a Winding Up Petition mean?

What is Winding Up? The implications if a company gets a Winding Up Petition. Which creditors are likely to issue a Winding Up Petition?

Company failures continue to fall in 2013

The number of companies in trouble still falling in Q1 2013. Why are there fewer company failures than predicted. Do Zombie companies exist?

Debt written off in a CVA

The amount of debt written off in a CVA. Is there a minimum monthy payment? Can the amount written off change during the Arrangement?

CCJ issued against my Company

What is a Company CCJ? What are the affects of the Judgment on a company? How to deal with a CCJ once it is issued.

How to Avoid Wrongful Trading

What is Wrongful Trading. Who decides if a Director is guilty of improper conduct. How to reduce the risk of Wrongful Trading.

When should you Dissolve your company?

What is company dissolution? What criteria must be met to before a company can be dissolved? Can you dissolve an insolvent company?